Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Love Affair with Mirrors...The Story Continues

I shared in my last post Mirror, Mirror on the I transformed my old, worn and battered coffee table into a mirrored wonder. Here she is in all her glory:
When I made the decision to go reflective in my family room, I knew that it wouldn't stop with the table. I already had plans to replace my huge, rustic pine armoire with a sleeker, fancier version. My search lead me to this:

It's beautiful, right? It's by Bassett Furniture. And it's $2,630. Oh, they offer free shipping if that helps. Doesn't help? I didn't think so either, so I decided to make my own like I always do!

I started by jumping on Craigslist and searched for an armoire that had a similar shape with four panel doors. I found this one and negotiated the price down to $70. Hubby rented a truck from Home Depot for $30 and brought my new armoire home to me for the transformation. He's such a team player!

So here's how it went down...

1. Grabbed the handy Zinsser All-in-One primer and primed every inch. As I've said in previous posts, Zinsser primer means no sanding, and no sanding means no sweating, and no sweating means I'm a happy girl. As much as I enjoy the effort of building furniture and stuff I can't stand breaking a sweat. Weird, I know.

The armoire looked like this after she was primed...

After the priming, I did a coat of the same grey paint I've used on a bench, a console table, and coffee table (that can of paint definitely got more than it's money's worth; especially since I bought it from the sample rack). Once the paint dried, I followed up with my silver glaze. I was so excited with the way it was turning out that I forgot to take pictures of that step. With all the painting done, it was time to put her all together. I did a row of little mirrors on top like this:

The mirror cutting shop that cut the free bathroom mirror for the coffee table also cut and glued on some thinner mirrors for the armoire for $6 each. I could have left the doors with just the mirrors, but I noticed in the Bassett version that there were some X embellishments, so of course I had to add that. I found some kind of twisted silver wire from Lowe's and glass marbles from Michael's and went to town adding the fancy to the mirrors...
I used Glue Dots, but they didn't hold once the doors were vertical, so I'm going to try Crazy Glue. I was hoping the Glue Dots would work since they're not permanent. But, I guess I have to commit.
The doors were ready to be hung back on after the embellishing:
And now, the finished masterpiece...

Love her!

And here's a view with the mirrored armoire and matching mirrored coffee table:

I think I still may add mirrors to the sides to completely "mirror" the Bassett version, but I'm already so happy with it just the way it is! Up next, mirrored lamp shades, and then I promise my obsession with mirrors will be done. I think.

Total cost: $143.00. I saved $2,487 (that's my record best so far)!


Lesley Metcalfe said...

Amazing transformation, great job! I love mirrored furniture but it's so expensive, what a great DIY.

I have to admit though... I'm actually more intrigued by your rug - it is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Please tell me where it's from!

Michelle said...

I love the way yours came out. I like it much better than the Bassett version, and I really don't think you need to add any more mirrors. It's lovely just the way it is.

Nikki said...

Thanks Lesley. I bought the rug from Garden Ridge a couple years ago. They still have the same design, but the color is slightly different (dark grey and white rather than the light grey and off white that I have).

Hope it works for you!

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Dee D said...

You are a magician. I love your work. I only wish I had your skills.

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Sara K said...

I've been happily consumed in your blog for a while!! and then I realized you're in Atlanta!! Would you mind sharing the mirror place? I live in Alpharetta, and would love to get some things done by them! Thank you, and please share MORE! you're amazing!

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Robert said...

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